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Are you ready to elevate your global trade game but need some help getting started? Our knowledgeable Head Of Growth Team is here to provide personalized guidance tailored to your unique business needs. Connect with us via chat and discover how Xportpark can revolutionize your approach to international trade. We’ll walk you through our platform’s features and benefits, address any questions or concerns, and offer expert advice on how Xportpark can best support your growth ambitions.

Don’t miss the chance to gain valuable insights and recommendations from our experienced sales team. Take the first step towards transforming your business by chatting with us today! We’re excited to help you unlock your potential and achieve unparalleled success in the world of global trade.


Khengtorng Chheng

Founder & Head Of Growth

Over 12 years experience of Regional & International Trade

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Don’t hesitate any longer! Take the leap and join the world of international business as an exporter with Xportpark. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the boundless opportunities waiting for you.

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Start Application Form

Start your application as an exporter. This documents, will be verified by our team and we will contact you for verification and orientation as well by virtually or physical meet our team at your office/factory for further collaboration.


Make A Payment To Open Account

After Make Payment, please save your pay slip and keep it to upload with Application form


Business Verification

This step is business verification step. Our team will contact you for interview about your business and verify your documents.

Kheng T. Chheng

Founder & Head Of Growth


Pay Annual Subscription to Activate Your Online profile

After all application and verification is complete with our team.
At this step is making Annual Subscription which is we charge annually as our standard. Send us your pay slip to our E-mail: activate@xportpark.com
Your next step is set up your online profile by supporting from our team included graphic and more.


Big Mission Started, Revenue Boost & Growth

Now time to start our mission together to ensure you get your right importers and distributors, boost your global trade and your online presence. We have 4 tools that you can use. Let's discuss together with our Head Of Growth To Achieve Your Annual Revenue.

we’re here to all your questions

Quickly find answers to your most pressing questions with our concise and informative FAQs section. Explore a range of topics related to Xportpark, from account setup and platform features to tips for global trading success. Get the clarity you need in no time!

Opening an account with Xportpark is a simple process. Just visit our website and click on the “Open Account as Exporter Or Importer” button with our 4 steps. Fill in the required details, choose the appropriate account type (exporter or importer), and follow the prompts to complete the registration. Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

The regular price for opening an exporter account with Xportpark is $5,000. However, we are currently offering a limited-time pre-opening discount, which allows you to open an account for only $1,000. This saves you $4,000 instantly!

By opening an account with Xportpark, you’ll gain access to our comprehensive platform connecting exporters and importers worldwide. This allows you to find potential partners, expand your market reach, and boost your business growth. Additionally, you’ll receive personalized one-on-one market training to help you navigate the intricacies of international trade.

If you need to switch your account type (from exporter to importer, or vice versa) after registration, please contact our support team. They will assist you in making the necessary changes to your account to ensure it meets your specific needs.

Our pre-opening discount offer has a limited number of spots available. We recommend opening one account per business entity to make the most of our platform’s features and benefits. If you have multiple business entities or unique requirements, please reach out to our sales team for personalized guidance.

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Our goal is to empower exporters worldwide by the platform that connects them with importers, fostering global trade and economic growth.-CKTorng


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